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**Our rates have increased!  Unfortunately, general inflation and the overwhelming costs of insuring a property in WA State that is surrounded by forest has forced this increase.**
Below are our current rates. 

Our usual weekend package is 3 days & 2 nights (arriving at noon and departing at 2PM).
There is a price for additional nights and there are discounts for longer stays.  If you want a stay that is longer than a weekend or you need different arrival or departure dates, just ask!
Also, rates include the exclusive use of the property  and its amenities
and overnight lodging for up to 50 guests.

Please contact us with any questions!

Cabin Creek Lodge

  • Winter:

    • Nov thru Apr- Weekend package - $8000 / Additional nights- $3200

  • Spring & Fall:

    • May & Oct- Weekend package - $12000 / Additional nights- $4800 

  • Summer:

    • June thru Sept- Weekend package - $16000 / Additional nights- $4800 

**Rates for the venue may differ around the holidays of
Thanksgiving, Christmas
and New Years.  Email us for details.**

  • These rates also include the use of the facility for events with total on-site guests of up to 150.  Contact us for questions of larger groups.

  • If you have some additional guests who are camping, then it's $30 per tent/trailer per night (maximum four people per tent or trailer).

**NOTE: Unfortunately the availability calendar is currently limited so
for any dates more than one year in advance, please contact us directly.**

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